Loving Love’s Passing – The Versatility of Kevin Love’s Passing Game

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As unfair as it is, Kevin Love is doing yet another thing at an elite level: passing. While Love has always garnered some recognition for his passing acumen, this marks the first year he is posting truly elite numbers. Love is currently sporting an assist percentageof 20.9%, a mark that’s … Keep Squeezin’

Boogie’s Heights: Detailing the Sacramento Center’s (Mostly) New (Offensive) Game

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When the Sacramento Kings inked DeMarcus Cousins to a four-year maximum contract extension worth $62 million on September 30, 2013 it became evident that the Kings were confident, perhaps unrealistically, in Cousins’ development. Up until that point, the 5th overall pick in the 2010 draft had played nowhere near the … Keep Squeezin’

What’s the Deal With Beal?

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As you might’ve heard, the Washington Wizards have gotten off to a disappointing start this season; throughout the first 13 games of the season they’ve notched only five wins and via simple rating system they’re playing at the level of a 32 win team. As with most cellar dwelling teams … Keep Squeezin’

Ready To Be Born Again: How Lance Stephenson Has Evolved Into the Pacers’ Playmaker


For someone nicknamed “Born Ready”, Lance Stephenson was anything but when he first entered the NBA. The Cincinnati product struggled mightily his first two years in the league, languishing on the bench and playing disastrously during his scant garbage time minutes. However, that changed big time last season as Stephenson … Keep Squeezin’

Eric Bledsoe’s Archnemesis: His Left Hand


The tales of Eric Bledsoe’s exploits grew legendary last season, with thousands of fans pouring into the Staples Center every night to witness feats of extraordinary athletic prowess. Whether it was through his impact defense, immense steal, block, and rebound rates, occasional participation in “Lob City”, or even his nickname, … Keep Squeezin’

The Bucks Are Coming…Soon


By now we all know the mantra of the Milwaukee Bucks: there will be no tanking. “There are different ways teams conduct their business in the sports leagues, and I like to see that we put a competitive product on the floor every season.” Those words, said by Herb Kohl, … Keep Squeezin’

Oklahoma City’s X-Factor: Serge Ibaka’s Post Game


Westbrook, the Thunder’s sole shot creator outside of Kevin Durant, remains something of a question mark. Right now, Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb seem to be slotted in to replace Martin and Westbrook’s offensive production during his 6 week leave of absence. And while I am fairly sanguine about that … Keep Squeezin’

To Harden Or Not To Harden? Evaluating the Harden Trade One Year Out

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It’s safe to say that the James Harden trade has been an unequivocal PR disaster. The trade has been lambasted by just about everyone; in some cases, the criticism has even advanced to the point where people are questioning Sam Presti’s merit as a general manager, which is frankly ridiculous. … Keep Squeezin’